Fishing rod

This is probably the most straightforward, but the most awkward to accomplish. All you need to do is catch every fish in the Critterpedia.

This can actually be done pretty easily if you decide to time travel and use our fish guides to walk you through what to catch, but it’s still time-consuming, and those rare fish may give you a hard time.

Our tip is to just play the game month to month and do what you can slowly, don’t fret over it too much. Maybe time travel if you have like, one or two left by the end of the year.


This one is just like the fishing rod – all you must do is catch every single bug in the game, and fill up your Critterpedia.

Again, this can either be simple, or incredibly time-consuming. And again, you shouldn’t fret about it too much – just catch all the bugs you can in any given month.

You will eventually get the net, just like the fishing rod, if you play diligently. Or time travel. We recommend diligence, and using our guide!


For the Golden Shovel you will need to keep your eyes on the beach. No, this recipe won’t wash up on shore, but something else will.

When Gulliver washes up on the beach, be sure to wake him up and dig up his Communicator Parts. Help him, and he’ll deliver you a nice gift the next day.

Help him 30 times, and you’ll get the recipe for the Golden Shovel.


The Golden Slingshot DIY recipe can be obtained from a balloon, so keep your eyes on the skies.

This balloon only appears once you’ve shot down 300 balloons, and you can keep track of how many balloons you’ve shot by taking a look at your Nook Miles milestones.

Once obtained, you’ll have a nice looking slingshot that lasts a lot longer than others.

Watering can

This is one of the easiest to obtain, as long as you’re diligent in making your town look as nice as possible.

All you need to do is get your town to a 5-star rating, and Isabelle will give you the recipe. Easy, right?

Well some of you may find getting the town to a 5-star rating to be difficult. Just focus on putting down paths, furniture, flowers, and fences. It doesn’t seem to matter where and how they’re arranged too much, just place lots of items in your town to make it look nice.


In order to get the Golden Axe, you will need to break 100 axes. Which is actually a lot easier than you might first think.

Flimsy axes break incredibly easily, and the shop sells plenty – or you can make them simply enough. Craft as many as possible, and harvest wood until you break three. Repeat as much as you can.

You’ll find yourself with a Golden Axe in no time, plus you’ll have bonus wood. Valuable.

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