Importance of gems and draws

Gems are the premium currency in Dragon Quest of the Stars, and their primary use will be in draws. You will use them to draw new weapons and equipment to help you progress through the game.

A single draw costs 300 gems, while 10-draws will cost 3000, with a guaranteed chance of a five-star piece of equipment.

But you can also use 600 gems to subscribe to Dragon Quest of the Stars’ fortnightly subscription service, offering a few free draws and some discounts – though this isn’t really worthwhile, in my opinion…

Log-in bonuses, Data Backup

A great way to get some easy gems when you first start up the game is, of course, the log-in bonuses. If you’re logging in close to the time of this article’s publish date, then you’ll be getting the launch bonuses, which include plenty of gems.

The launch log-in bonuses are great, but of course, if you want to keep earning more and more rewards, you should make sure to keep logging in.

After that, ensure you’ve got your Data Backup settings sorted in the menu. Once you log in with either your Apple ID or Google Play account, you’ll have your save data backed up, and you’ll get 300 gems for your trouble. Nice!

Treasure maps and dungeon crowns

Once you’ve progressed past the first couple of chapters the game opens up to you dramatically, and one of the ways it does this is with treasure maps – though the name is a bit misleading.

Treasure maps are actually quests. These quests will ask you to play through missions, upgrade weapons, spend gems, and more. Complete all of the quests on a treasure map, and you’ll earn gems and much more along the way.

Then there are dungeon crowns. Crowns are earned by completing certain tasks in a dungeon, like finishing an enemy or boss with a Skillful strike. You won’t see what the crowns require until after you’ve played a stage, but then you can go back into dungeons to clean up the rest of the crowns, and potentially earn bonus gems.


Multiplayer is another aspect of the game that won’t unlock until after Chapter 2, but once it’s open, there’s so much to see. Many, many quests which are only playable in multiplayer, and your character will level up here separately from the main story.

But the multiplayer quests and content offer a lot of unique rewards, including lots and lots of gems for you to earn. The multiplayer even advertises it!

But getting all of those multiplayer gems will take a lot of time. This is a long-term investment, so don’t rush yourself, just dip into multiplayer regularly, and you’ll come out with a decent gem haul over time.

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