Hotly anticipated strategy game Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is searching for mobile beta testers

Acclaimed developer Perchang is searching for beta testers for its hotly anticipated turn-based strategy game, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.

This one’s set in the Age of Sigmar and revolves around champions from all across the Mortal Realms gathering together to duke it out for power and riches in the legendary Silver Tower.

It offers an expansive campaign where you’ll take on the Gaunt Summoner’s trials of strength, skill, and endurance. Along the way, you can expect to face off against plenty of Warhammer monsters, including Acolytes, Tzaangors, and mind-shredding Daemons, as you desperately try to stay among the living.

As you can see from the latest screenshots, the campaign will take you to a wide range of different environments, from deadly swamps to interdimensional arenas. At launch, the game will boast over 100 increasingly challenging stages to test your mettle on, as well as 10 upgradable champions. Some of these guys include the Knight Questor, Mistweaver Saih, and Darkoath Chieftain.

Each champion will be a master of one combat style – either ranged, melee, or spells. This should add a good deal of tactical depth to battles and allow for interesting party types.

Beyond the core campaign, there are also daily quests and challenges to beat, and the rewards for doing so include new character traits and legendary weapons. And for those in search of an especially sizable challenge, there are also intense solo trials.
I love how stylistically varied the different arenas are, and it’s overall the developer’s best-looking game to date. The character models are similarly strong, with some neat designs and impressive armour to enjoy.

In order to get involved in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower’s beta, all you need to do is register your interest by dropping a line to [email protected] Someone from the team will then get in touch with you. Super simple, right?
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