HeroVersus is an upcoming fighting game that’s set to release for iOS and Android later this year. Today it begins a closed beta test on PC and has apparently also soft-launched in some regions for Android, though which places exactly haven’t been stated.

It’s important to note that the PC version has entered closed beta testing because even though we’re a mobile-focused website when the game launches for iOS and Android it will have cross-platform play across all versions. That means a potentially larger player pool to draw from, which hopefully results in getting into matches quicker.

The developers hope that HeroVersus can act as a stepping stone for novice fighting game players to get more into the genre. However, they’re also aiming to make it appeal to pro players too so it can develop into an esport. Achieving both of those is certainly admirable but definitely difficult.

There will be a host of modes for players to enjoy that include casual, practice, survival and, of course, ranked which will be home to tournaments and esports bouts. HeroVersus will be a free-to-play game but the developers insist it won’t be pay-to-win.

Players will start with 11 characters unlocked and they will also be able to purchase more of them through in-app purchases. Beyond additional characters, other microtransactions will include costume skins and other cosmetic accessories that won’t directly affect gameplay.
There will also be a strong social aspect to HeroVersus where players from across the globe will be able to chat with each other using the in-game messaging system. The latest community news will also be shared here.

HeroVersus is set to release on the App Store and Google Play later this year following a period of beta testing. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. 
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