Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer is a cute anime-style idle RPG that is out now on Android and iOS

Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer is a new RPG with an anime theme that has just been released globally on Android and iOS. It has already received a lot of downloads and positive reviews, all thanks to its cute-anime style characters. Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer is a card game where you have to choose a superhero to fight against the dark reign of gods.

About the game

Pandora’s Box is the last hope to save the world from the disastrous reign of gods. In mythological Greece, the heroes need to fight and save this world against the ghastly fortune of the world where the world bosses and guild bosses are trying to take over.

Selecting heroes is really a crucial part of Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer. If you are ever stuck in the game, you can get help from the quiz trail feature, which will teach you how to deploy your troops. It features auto-battling mechanics that take care of most battle aspects, but strategies are what will help you win them, so think twice when choosing your line-up. Overtime, make sure to keep upgrading your heroes to have the edge over your enemies.

Heroes Quest: AFK Emperor is packed with features to make your life easy. If you need more gold, you can go to greed cave to dig for gold and use it in the trial realm. It is where you strategically and tactically arranged the cards to become the last survivors.

Final Words

Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer is a strategic card game where you have to choose your card wisely to become the last survivor. With idle systems and expenditures, it relaxes your mind from your daily hassle.

If you are all set to collect cards and build an empire full of cute superheroes, then you can download the title from Google Play and the App Store.

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