What resources are there and what do they do?

– Saws clear larger trees
– Axes clear small trees
– TNT clears large rock formations
– Dynamite clears small rocks
– Shovels clears swampy ponds and logs

Whenever you use any of these items to clear your land, you will gain XP. The majority of these items are on your farm from the start (or on expansion land) however fruit trees and various other items with limited use, can end up dying after use, leaving a dead tree on your property.

How do I gain more resources?

When it comes to actually getting more of these, there are limited options. You will primarily earn more of the resources needed by doing actions – they appear as a bonus when you harvest or feed, or create items. If you are looking to rush the process, you can always plant primarily wheat, harvesting quickly to get more bonus items.

If harvesting loads of wheat is something you don’t want to do, you can always try your luck at roadside shops. Inside the catalogue, you can find advertisements for various shops. I tend to flick through this to see if any of the above items are for sale at other farms – though do keep an eye on the price.

If you have Tommy unlocked (level 14 and above) and have some spare gems, you can pay him to scout for you, finding the requested items and giving you 3 different prices to purchase different amounts of them for. He does need to rest between scouting, and is only unlocked for a limited time, so it is worth thinking about this option carefully!

But, what about Lumberjack Services?

If you have unlocked Greg’s Lumberjack services, after Level 25, you can end up getting Greg to come and help your farm. You will need to have over 20 dead plants for him to appear. He will offer to take down some of the dead plants from your farm, for an amount of diamonds, which he determines based on the work.

How do I get more expansions?

Now that you’ve got your farm under control, you might start thinking about expanding it! From Level 22 and above, you can start purchasing expansions for your farm. Once you are able to purchase land, you will need to start gaining various expansion supplies, including land deeds, mallets and marker stakes. These items are quite rare, but appear in bonuses like the previously mentioned supplies.

If you want to expand your town, you will need reputation 3 and above. You will need map pieces, along with marker stakes, mallets and land deeds to expand the town.

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