Hand of Fate 2 Official Launch Trailer

The sequel is out now.

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  1. I remember I 100% all the achievements before they added more. The first one was pretty good, but this one was absolutely amazing. I hope we get to see a third entrance on this series since it's one of my all time favorites, reminds me of a similar thing I used to play with my brother years ago.

    I should probably just install it back and 100% it again.

  2. "I have returned…" that gave me chills haha amazing voice actor

  3. What is the name of the song in the background?

  4. Cant wait for this. Loved the first one

  5. Woah this got a sequel! The original was pretty janky, but I loved the card mechanic. I'm down for another.
    Could honestly do without the combat, and go full turn based.

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