Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Official Gameplay Trailer

Win two rounds against your opponent with strategy and deception in this game.

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  1. Semi-animated cards look so good!

  2. how is gwent compared to HS and MTG?
    a better experience?

  3. free to play man…. this sucks

  4. so spies don't give you 2 cards but buff a unit?

  5. HOLY SHIT! I'm impressed with story mode! Amazing guys, good work!

  6. adam22 in the thumbnail

  7. looks better than hearthstone to be honest

  8. I was absolutely HORRIBLE at the version in Witcher 3, but I still can't wait to get my ass beat by the easiest AI in this game!

  9. It's dead to be honest the first one was better

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