Guildlings has been updated with a huge expansion called Lawnhenge that doubles the length of the game

Sirvo Studios’ Guildlings initially arrived on Apple Arcade last November, bringing some traditional turn-based RPG action that blended fantasy and the modern world. Today it has been updated to introduce part two, Guildlings: Lawnhenge which will include new stories, areas and characters.

That new area is the Titular Lawnhenge which will contain both literal and figurative branching paths to explore. There will be other news places to explore as well, though Lawnhenge will be the largest.

It promises to be a massive expansion to the existing Guildlings story and will have unique dialogue and actions that will be determined by the characters that make up your team. It’s not just new areas either, players will be able to revisit old areas which have now changed based on the choice made in part one. Here they’ll be able to catch up with old allies and offer them help if they’re are in need.

Discussing the update, Jamie Antonisse Creative Director at Sirvo Studios said: “We know players have been waiting a while for this update, and we believe we’ve delivered an expansion that’s worth the wait. There are several new characters, and a major expansion of the story that ends in a much satisfying way than our previous “cliffhanger”.”

They added: “But the most exciting part of this update is the way it opens up the Guildlings world, and allows for much more free exploration and experimentation. Between everything new you can explore and the storyline expansions, we’ve doubled the length of the game for most players.”

Guildlings is available now over on Apple Arcade, a subscription service that costs $4.99 per month. For more information on other games that are available in its extensive library, check out our dedicated hub page.
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