Laying up

This may be considered somewhat of a boring way to play Golden Tee Mobile but it can be effective and it’s still fun. “Laying up” in the golf world essentially means to not overdo your shots. If you’re having conflicting thoughts about whether or not you can make the green, then laying up may be a good option. 

You can do this by just clubbing down once or twice, depending on your current yardage situation. By doing so, this will put you in an easier position on your next shot. Again, it’s not “sexy” per se, but it’s as smooth as butter and can lead you to good scores. 

It also is a great way to perfect your wedge play. By laying up on longer holes, you’ll leave yourself with a good wedge shot away from reaching the green. And the closer you get, the better chances you have of holing out and really finishing the hole in style. 

The special ball user

A signature aspect of Golden Tee is that there several golf balls that can be earned and bought that can give you a boost on the golf course. Whether it’s one that gives you super backspin or one that sticks to the ground and stopping on a dime, there’s plenty of versatility. 

If you want a truly arcade feeling that fits the world of Golden Tee, then using special balls is the way to go. Now, you’re usually pretty limited (unless you stock up and max out at 99 uses each), so it’s best not to use them every single time you swing. 

However, feel free to use them frequently if you feel that they’ll truly give you an upper hand. The courses in Golden Tee Mobile can be like boss battles sometimes. Some holes are forgiving but others might provide a true challenge from a design standpoint. So, if you have the special golf balls, unleash them on the soul of the course and conquer like the golf samurai that you are. 

The go-getter

This is essentially the opposite of what laying up is. This is all about power. Yup, I see that smile, you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking hitting bombs around the course and making it bend the knee to you like you’re King of the Seven Kingdoms or Mother of Dragons.

And if you’re a fan of the specialty golf balls, then you have two great ones that will really get your shots soaring. The Maniax ball and the Torpedo ball will give your balls wings (not literally). Well, the Maniax ball will at least. What the Torpedo does is keep your ball rolling a greater distance following its landing.

And you don’t need to use these for just tee shots either. If you have a fair distance to go to reach the green, you can utilize these to give yourself a better chance. Being bold can be quite rewarding in Golden Tee Mobile, and with its arcade approach, it almost insists that you play aggressively. But, the beauty of golf games is that you can play in numerous different ways and be creative.




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