Ghost Sync is a JRPG designed specifically for mobile devices, out now on iOS and Android

KEMCO has announced the release of its JRPG, Ghost Sync, on iOS and Android devices, set to hit the stores today.

In Ghost Sync you play as Lily, a young magic swordswoman on a journey to defeat a great enemy and save the world. She calls in at a village to confront these savarians and meets a calm spirit of a talking dog, which turns out to be a bloke called Bernard possessing the spirit of a dog.

Ghost Sync’s story asks questions about the fate of our heroes. What will Lily discover on her journey? Why is Bernard a ghost? And where does the dog fit into this?

As a spirit without a body, Bernard can possess enemies encountered on the adventure. Using his powers, you are able to possess these powerful savarians and use them to turn battles to your advantage. Meanwhile, Lily can wear a summoning ring to call in various spirits for different purposes such as attack, defense and recovery. You can do this when the time is right to overcome all danger.

As a JRPG, Ghost Sync also has you completing missions requested by other characters in the world. If you raise your contribution to guilds by completing these missions and defeating savarians, you will be able to raise your Guild Rank for more influence across the land.

Meanwhile, there are ways to make your journey easier. There are skills you can strengthen using the game’s skill tree, as well as materials to collect which are used to improve armour and create more powerful weapons.
Ghost Sync has a lot of variety to it, including more than 200 enemy types in the game to fight. The more you defeat, the better items you gain too so combat is usually encouraged. There’s an auto battle system which adjusts according to tactics, allowing you to raise your level pretty quickly.

Ghost Sync is out today on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It’s a paid title costing $7.99 on Android and $6.99 on iOS, but a free edition with adverts also exists on Google Play.
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