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Fortnite: The Block Reveal Trailer – The Game Awards 2018

The reveal of Fortnite’s The Block, which will bring player made areas into the PvP …


  1. yeah this one gonna be a hit. and if it's not I'm gonna cry lol

  2. Next year already looks 10 times better for games than 2019.

  3. I'm more hyped for this than any other game.

  4. 2:46 Tell him im cumming
    Me: Why would you need to tell him that?
    4:01 Cause i can!

  5. I'm a Mongol and I disapprove this trailer πŸ‘Ž

  6. Im confused this looks nothing like the 1st trailer I saw months ag? It looks way different now?

  7. The game looks outstanding. Now we just have to wait for the final downgraded version. πŸ€—

  8. He doesn’t look so tough without the mask.

  9. Wow seems like most of the ps4 exclusives this gen are the greatest games of all time.

  10. Asian assassin's creed πŸ˜‚

  11. Jesus Christ, can you play with Japanese voice and English subs?

  12. Day motherfucking 1 Sony out here batting a 1000

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