Genshin Impact’s latest event, Reminiscent Regiment is now live

Last week Hoyoverse gave fans a teaser of what’s going to be a part of the second wave of events in Genshin Impact’s version 2.8 – Summer Fantasia Update. A bunch of Event Wishes have already kicked off and now it’s time for another story event that has just begun.

Genshin Impact’s latest event is called Reminiscent Regimen which takes players on an adventurous journey somewhere in the Golden Apple Archipelago. The quest will be available until August 15th, with players who have completed Summer Odyssey: I and are above Adventure Rank 32 being able to participate.

To start off, players must visit the quest area on the Golden Apple Archipelago where they can choose their own party, or join matchmaking to play with others. The Reminiscent Regimen challenge itself has been divided into three phases – Descent, Raid, and Convoy, which each have two sub-challenges to complete. For the next week, one level will unlock each day. Based on the score received, players will be rewarded Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Talent Level-Up Materials, and Mora.

Let’s start off with the Descent Challenge. It sees players drop down from a high platform, onto other floating platforms with enemies on them. players must defeat them and reach the sea surface in time to succeed. Using the Aegis of Descent item will make things a little easier. Next is the Raid Challenge, in which travellers must pilot their Waverider to a specific point while also defeating enemies in the given time limit. Activating wind currents will make it easier to reach higher levels.

Finally, in the Convoy Challenge, players will have to protect the Driftstone Raft while they automatically move towards their destination. There are four Rafts to protect and energy that must be constantly replenished by picking up Repair Parts and Drift Energy. Be sure to gather Reminiscence Tokens along the way for extra points as well.

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