Garena Free Fire: Three ways to avoid an early death in Classic mode

Pay Attention Where Players Jump and Land

Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale and what is a BR game without a good old jump from an aircraft of some kind into a large world? Well, this is where you can also strategize a bit and think about where you want to land once you drop out.

If you drop into a location where a bunch of other players are, that can lead to your demise if they get a hold of a weapon pretty quickly. And in BRs, experienced players will know where the weapons are. If you find some early too, then great, if not, keep your eyes sharp.

It can sometimes be hard to tell where others are landing, but as you’re going down through the (air) snowboard, keep an eye out for smaller structures. It all depends on the players, but some may like to go into the bigger buildings as there will be more gear. But, just paying attention where everyone lands can help you stay alive for a longer period of time.

Stock Up Early on Weapons

This in some ways goes along with the last tip as this has to do with your initial landing. Once you feel like you’ve found a good spot to land, what out for enemies and see if there are structures where you are. More than likely, you’ll find some solid weapons.

Feel free to wait, but if you can, grab some gear early. This will allow you to keep moving and stay away from danger without worrying about supplies and guns. Sometimes, it’s easy to just land, find a vehicle, and remain on the move until you find a good stopping point.

There are many cool rides around (including a hoverboard), so stock up on those goodies and feel free to hit the road. Now, unless, you feel like you’re safe where you are, then that’s cool too. Just pay attention to how close you are to the danger zone is all.

Camp Out a Little

If you have the patience, one thing you can do is camp out for a little bit. Wait until the number of players dies down a little. This is a good way to play a bit more on the defensive side. This doesn’t guarantee success and you never know if a player will find you, but it can be helpful when necessary.

You can’t hang around in one spot forever, so you will need to get moving sometimes. It’s good to get your move on a bit anyway, as it will keep you on high alert. Sometimes, chilling out can result in you getting caught napping if you aren’t careful. You just never know when an enemy might show up.

You also have to pay attention to where you are on the map too. It’s always important to watch out for the danger zone. So, you camp for a short while, move on, camp again if you wish, and then rinse and repeat. You won’t have a bunch of kills or anything playing this way, but it’s a decent defensive strategy, especially if you’re newer to the Free Fire experience.

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