Garena Free Fire: Three useful weapons for new Clash players


So, this is a gun you’ll be able to purchase later on in your Free Fire Clash battle, but it still can turn the tide of the match once you get comfortable using it. It’s a machine gun – as you probably already knew – and it’s beneficial in a couple of key ways.

For starters, since it is a machine gun, you can fire bullets at a rapid rate and, as such, devastate foes with good aiming. You can take them out before they even fire off a shot if you’re quick enough, especially if you can aim for the head.

Another benefit is its range. There are several other machine guns in Free Fire, but this one has a very solid range, making it a great weapon for new players. There might be some other guns that are better, but if you want a nice mix of some power and distance, you can’t go wrong with the AK-47.


Ah yes, grenades, one of the more beloved weaponized accessories in shooting-based games. As you’d expect, these little beauties are in Free Fire and they’re great for Clash. The maps for each round are pretty small, so you can expect close combat. This means you’ll see enemies moving together occasionally.

This is an excellent opportunity to find a good spot to hide (or use a trusty Gloo Wall, another helpful item you can purchase) and just chuck that grenade. If it’s just for one enemy, you just need to hope it hits, but if there are two or even three players out of the four in a group, you should be able to knock them down like bowling pins, and man, it is so satisfying.

The most challenging thing is knowing how to quickly switch from your gun to your grenade. If you need to, switch early, hold it, and then throw it when you feel it’s the best time. The blast radius is pretty solid (I should know, I’ve been on the receiving end of an explosion several times, sadly). So if you throw a nice enough dime, you should connect. If not, then don’t worry, it happens. You also can have up to two grenades so you have an extra shot.


This is probably one of the more unique, regular weapons in Free Fire. It’s a shotgun, but it also operates a bit like a machine gun too. This is a deadly combination. As with most shotguns, it’s best to be pretty close in range to the enemy, but once you’re in range, you can deal a good blow either killing or at least damaging your opponent for a teammate to finish them off.

Yes, at first it may seem a tad tricky since you need to get closer to your foes, but luckily, the MAG-7 has a little bit of range. It can be used in mid-range, so you don’t always have to put yourself too close and risk getting knocked out.

Also, keep in mind, there’s a nice Training area available where you can become familiarized with all of the weapons that Free Fire has to offer, including the MAG-7. But, if you’re feeling confident enough for battle, then you should be fine there too.

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