Garena Free Fire: Three things to know about the swag-filled Battle Royale

It’s Not 100 Players

A signature aspect of most Battle Royale games revolves around how many players are involved. Many feature up to 100 in total. In Garena Free Fire, it’s actually split in half. You’ll be playing with 49 other players instead of 99.

This is something that some gamers may appreciate. BR games can drag on at times due to how many players are in the game world. WIth 50, this allows matches to go by more quickly. And they do, indeed go by pretty fast, as when you land, you’ll likely already see a couple of players fall.

And so matches can get really intense very fast, as the danger zone closes in when there aren’t many players left in the game. When you win in PUBG Mobile, you score a Chicken Dinner, and when you when in Free Fire, you receive the “Booyah!” which is just as satisfying. So, when you drop, be prepared for things to move along at a fair pace.

The Game’s Style is Unique

So, we know how most Battle Royale games are set up. They’re all fun but usually feature similar aesthetics and character style. And that’s the nice thing; no matter what style you’re looking for visually, there’s a little something for everyone.

But Free Fire seems to have a more serious approach as opposed to cartoonish. Now, it does have plenty of humour, but what I mean is that you’re not going to see a ton of over the top outfits (although there are some in there and they look cool).

The game’s character seems to have more of a hip-hop style of dress. If you’re a gamer who enjoys more of a “swaggy” type of approach with its characters, then Free Fire does this very well. It’s really one of the only BR games to have this hip hop or street style approach to apparel. And the outfits you can unlock are among the best in any game of the genre. Want to go out there with a football jersey on? No problem. How about a varsity jacket and your hat backwards? There’s that too. And as mentioned, there are some very solid costume options as well, such as dressing up as ancient royalty as an example.

More Than Just a Battle Royale

Some games in the genre do step outside of the typical realm of BRs (Such as Apex Legends) where you drop into a world and just try to survive. In Garena Free Fire, there are a couple of modes that take more of a traditional “gun game” approach.

One mode, in particular, is Clash, which is four versus four on small portions of the large map. This is your classic layout, as there will be fast kills left and right, due to how small the maps are. The matches are in a best of seven scenarios to see who rules.

You start by purchasing weapons from a shop, starting with pistols. Then, as you progress through the match, you’ll earn more money to buy better weapons and gear. Aside from Clash, Free Fire will have some limited-time game modes too and they put these out regularly.

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