Kick-Flight is one of the latest multiplayer games to land on mobile devices, and this anime-styled aerial brawler looks beautiful, plays great, and is host to a whole bunch of cute and quirky characters for you to master.

Kick-Flight is a genuinely great game to play, with a unique approach to controls and how the games play out. If you want to master that, make sure to take a look at our battle tips…

This game has an aesthetic that looks and feels like a strong blend of Splatoon and ARMS, which is no bad thing, seeing as those are two fantastic multiplayer titles. Kick-Flight is definitely worth playing if you have any love for those games.
In this guide we’re going to break down and detail every single Kicker – or character – in the game, so you know who you’re going up against, and which characters you should use to win.

Use the knowledge in this guide to your advantage, and you’re guaranteed the win…


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