Full list of EVERY character in One Punch Man: Road To Hero 2.0

One Punch Man is one of the very best manga and anime series you can enjoy right now – don’t believe me? Well the first season of show is available on Netflix, and is amazing.

As you would expect from a massive anime franchise, this is a gacha game. Hell yeah it is, and right here you’re going to find a list of every single character, separated by their character types, with the full details of their stats and abilities.
If you need to sort the characters from the game into some kind of tier list, well this is an excellent place to start, with all of the stats available for all of the maxed out characters.

Also, there are so many Mythical characters that it has basically lost all meaning. What’s with that?

Just take a look below for a full list of every character, fully updated for One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0!


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