Four reasons to play Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam’s stellar mobile fighting game

Marvel Contest of Champions first launched for iOS and Android back in 2014. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength, having achieved a staggering 250+ million downloads!. If you’ve yet to jump onboard, or perhaps haven’t played the game for some time, here are four reasons to get into Marvel Contest of Champions.

Intense, action-packed gameplay

The fighting gameplay found within Marvel Contest of Champions is excellent. It’s fast-paced, accessible, and most importantly feels right at home on mobile devices meaning you can enjoy a quality fighting game wherever you are. All of this is combined with stellar visuals that look particularly great if you’re gaming on a tablet.
As you collect and level up the different Super Heroes and Villains available, you’ll unlock synergy bonuses based on team affiliation and relationships that pay homage to the comics these characters first appeared in. Making a team of Mutants or heroes from Guardians of the Galaxy will give you a boost, for example. In essence, then, you’re rewarded for liking a particular group.

An ever-growing and diverse roster

Since launch, Kabam has continuously worked to expand the game’s roster of super heroes and villains. Recently they introduced Immortal Hulk and Immortal Abomination with another character set to arrive in December, but more on that later… As such, it’s impossible to get bored since there are so many characters already available in-game with more being added each month.

Marvel fans will find plenty to enjoy in the game’s line up with well-known characters everyone will recognise from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to more niche heroes that diehard comic books fans will enjoy. Even if you’re not overly familiar with the wider Marvel canon, Contest of Champions is a great way to discover some cool Super Heroes, villains, and their stories.

Regular updates to keep everything balanced

Aside from the frequent addition of new Super Heroes and Villains to the roster, Marvel Contest of Champions is always updated monthly, keeping the experience and roster feeling fresh. This ranges from in-game events to Champion rebalances to small quality of life changes that make playing the game a more enjoyable experience.

For instance, Punisher 2099 recently had his stats tinkered with to keep the character competitive. This included adjusting his Base Armor and Attack Ratings alongside a deep dive into the inner workings of his kit to ensure he didn’t end up too over-powered.

Likewise, they recently introduced a feature called Alliance Alert that allows fellow Alliance members to tell each other when they’re able to make a move in Alliance Quests and Wars. These updates, great and small, are always detailed over on the game’s official website.

Spider-Ham will swing into action this December

As mentioned, one of the best things about Marvel Contest of Champions is the ever-growing roster and the latest addition will be none other than Peter Porker, a formerly ordinary spider who gained powers after being bitten by a radioactive pig. He will also be voiced by the legendary John Mulaney and Kabam have released a special Motion Comic to celebrate his involvement, which you can check out below (or above, depending on where you put the video).

Spider-Ham is some of Kabam’s finest work yet, with wacky animations and unique gameplay mechanics. This little piggy packs a real punch against Champions such as Sasquatch or Doctor Doom who like to fire off attacks in rapid succession by punishing them with his Porker Poppers. He also matches up well against Power Gain Champions through his Spider-Nonsense, which increases his ability power for each Bar of Power his opponent has.

Download Marvel Contest of Champions before December 31st, 2020, and you’ll receive your very own 2-Star Spider-Ham for FREE!

Marvel Contest of Champions is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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