Flarts lets you throw flying darts to pop piñatas, coming to iOS on September 1st

Flarts, BitSmudge’s quirky mobile title where you fire flying darts, is coming to iOS devices on September 1st. Simply and accurately dubbed as “the game of flying darts”, Flarts is also available to play as a demo on Apple’s TestFlight app for those who are eager to try their hand at throwing darts ahead of the official launch.

Flarts’ gameplay is simple – you’ll chuck a dart towards the air and hope to pop piñatas with your dart throwing prowess. Of course, while it sounds simple enough, there are always going to be obstacles in your way, whether they’re pesky pillars threatening to smash your dart to smithereens or annoying platforms that refuse to cooperate with you.


When you unleash your Flarts (this name is hilarious), you’ll have to master your powers of precision to hit the bullseye on the Flartboard. The arcade-style mobile game features 90 levels that each pose a different challenge, along with three different biomes you can navigate with your pals. The Grasslands challenges you with obstacles in the environment, the Iron Mines feature moving platforms and piñatas, and the Space Station does it all without gravity.

Sometimes, levels will have metal blocks your Flarts will bounce off of, as well as magnet fields and leaky pipes to put your Flart flair to the test. You might even have to dodge clucking chickens! Flarts also features game modes where you can challenge a buddy to a match, as well as elements where you can unlock some fancy hats and glasses, because why the heck not?

You can discover more about the game on the official website, or have a look at the embedded trailer above to get a feel of the gameplay.

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