Minecraft is perfect. Not only is it finally at that magical time in it’s lifecycle where it is managing to be both nostalgic and relevant, but it’s the perfect game to use to introduce people to gaming.

Get this: there you are, cuddled up next to your significant other under a blanket, Minecraft playing on your phones, building the house of your dreams together, when you quietly push your Minecraft beds together. Just kidding… Unless?

But seriously, it’s a wonderful and relaxed game to enjoy with a partner, and if you haven’t spent some time together in this blocky world yet, then get started now.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Away from relaxing games, and on to games which may highlight the red flags that indicate you should abandon your relationship right this instant.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a game which can be played across mobile, VR, and much more, and you will inevitably either shout instructions or answers at your partner. One of you is tasked with disarming a bomb and saying what they see, while the other must cross-reference a guide book to give them the answers to disarmament.

This can get chaotic, but the fact is, if your relationship survives this, you know you’re meant to be together.


Spaceteam is a game which is fairly old now, but undoubtedly a beloved classic, and one of the best game to play on mobile in co-op.

You will both have a set of controls and instructions on your screen, and you must work with your partner, sharing your instructions, in order to configure the controls, and progress through space.

It starts off easy enough, but with enough time, and enough people, it can easily become chaotic and exciting. This should put your communication skills to the test…

Pokémon GO

This is an obvious one, right? Pull out Pokémon GO, make sure you and your partner are on the same in-game team, and then go out and bash gyms together, put your Pokémon in their place, and enjoy time together.

A gentle, relaxing walk through the park has always been a romantic activity staple, and why not combine it with a game and a set of creatures that everyone has some fondness for?

You might even find that Pokémon GO has a more active community than you might expect, and could even meet another couple to double-date with… Solo players could also, potentially, find the person of their dreams?

Fortnite/PUBG Mobile/Call of Duty Mobile

Alright okay I know how it looks, but let me explain: these are all multiplayer shooters that you or your partner may not enjoy, but when put in a team together, things change.

Even if you never shoot your gun, you just wander the open-world battle royale map and drive about in a car with your partner, it will be a fun and memorable experience. I mean, it’ll be even better if you win, but that’s not what this is about, right?

All of these can be slow-paced and enjoyable given the right circumstances, and should make for a great activity for Valentine’s Day. Maybe. Don’t blame me for what happens when you suggest it.

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