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  1. Tragic. How about a remake of Xenogears (1998)?

  2. Could've gave us FFVII Crisis Core remake, but instead give us this?

  3. Lol how many battle royale games is it gonna take till mobile game developers get tired of the concept? It's the laziest option we already have enough of these.

  4. No one asked for this lol

  5. Man they really are going to milk the crap out of FF7.

  6. the only reason i'm not down voting this is because i want mobile gamers to have good games to play and this looks better than most mobile games

  7. Oh yes square enix please milk us more!

  8. wish i could downvote this twice

  9. No one asked for this. No one.

  10. A mobile game? Seriously? Shooters on mobile just aren’t as fun as they could be. Very frustrated

  11. Do they literally want to do ANYTHING but finish FF7R?

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