FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – Official Trailer

Watch the latest trailer to learn about FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team features, including a look at division rivals, rewards, and more.

FUT 22 features new ways to progress and compete, more customization on and off the pitch, and the return of football’s most memorable players.

FIFA 22 releases October 1, 2021.

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  1. cooooooooo znowuto samo!! Zarabiam mało w Biedronce i po pracy chciałbym się wyluzowac w fajnej grze!! WAASZA GRA NIE JEST FAJNA!@!!! ale moze czasem fajna. ŁAPKA W DUŁ !

  2. I can’t people people buy this regurgitated diarrhea and eat it every year. Just buy FIFA 2015 it’s the same game and it cost $0.50 cents.

  3. Thank God i only play PES! 👌🏼🤸🏻‍♀️

  4. I can’t wait so see the conclusion of the mbappe and Raúl Jiménez saga against the evil Messi!!

  5. When you say "Fut" it sounds like you censure the f-word.

  6. Microtransations in the first trailer wow

  7. Think I’ll just wait for FIFA 22 2 next year

  8. Let me summerise the trailers commentary….

  9. More microtransactions forget about it

  10. I hope this game flops so miserably.

  11. Screw ultimate team only there to make more money off morons. Why are you showing this your helping ea think it's ok to abuse its fans.

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