FIFA 22 – Official Gameplay Trailer

Watch the trailer for a deep dive into the gameplay features of FIFA 22 including a look at HyperMotion Technology which unlocks features such as full team authentic motion, machine learning flow, tactical A.I., kinetic air battles, composed ball control, and player humanization. FIFA 22 also features a goalkeeper rewrite, new attacking tactics, and more.

FIFA 22 launches on October 1, 2021.

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  1. In other words. Same shit

  2. Same fucking trailer as the last one

  3. Hypermotion for only 70 dollars

  4. they make infinite amount of money, and this bs is the result…smh…

  5. Don't your dare buy this .

  6. FINALLY revolutionary gameplay! I guess every other FIFA ever didn't have revolutionary gameplay.

  7. they shud at least add all time teams

  8. So… animations, animations, animations, and they replaced one of the commentators. Totally worth £70 (The equivalent of US$96.30)!

  9. Where is the gameplay??? I only see cutscenes.

  10. Copy and paste….and repeat using catchy words FOH.

  11. Will Martin Tyler be back?

  12. Another "gameplay" trailer with barely any actual gameplay. Just glorified "in engine" shots and fast cuts that look just like every other FIFA trailer since the birth of the internet.

  13. I may not be first, I may not be last but more importantly nobody asked

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