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Fortnite: The Block Reveal Trailer – The Game Awards 2018

The reveal of Fortnite’s The Block, which will bring player made areas into the PvP …


  1. Interesting how this isn't on Switch even though it looks like it can be done with zero compromise.

  2. wow it didn't even say like alpha footage or anything lol

  3. Damn this is a great looking mobile game.

  4. they should have just sold the rights to use the movies title and did some voice acting if they wanted a quick buck.

  5. This looks more ass than Paul Walker did after his crash.

  6. Diesel is driving a GTX GPU

  7. PS2 graphics YEAH BABYY!!!!!!

  8. why did they give him eyelashes??

  9. I hope it's more like need for speed the run with maybe a tris or a gta with it. If not at less I can all ways go back to nfs ug 1 and 2 for just saying we the fans of the original faf we never got are game and maybe never will but we can and hope that this will game us a better game then showdown

  10. Looks incredible ! Must be running on the new Xbox series X

  11. This may be low budget but I'm interested. Was hoping to see a Brian O'Connor clip tho. Maybe they're saving that for later on. I just hope the driving feels good.

  12. Nice, even the PS2 gets a new game

  13. This was the last thing I could imagine they would do after PC2. Well, I'll just keep waiting for PC3 and hope they get some money from this to make future Project Cars games even better!

  14. Good thing were all on the same page

  15. End the show with this PS2 game instead of Breath of the Wild 2. What a horrible plot twist!

  16. The b*tch from the last John Wick movie is in this

  17. The Burnout series looked way better than this. GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!! Revive Burnout!!

  18. Looks like a Xbox 360 game…

  19. Is this a cell phone game?

  20. Ah. Slightly Mad Studios is developing it. That explains why the character models look like shit. At least there's hope the vehicle handling won't be terrible. And will be this game's saving grace. Also, character creation? Apparently…..I don't know how to feel about this game. Who knows, maybe it'll secretly be good.

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