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Miitopia – Official Hilarious Adventure Trailer

Cast your friends, family, or anyone you choose in Miitopia, and embark on a quest …


  1. literally every game is the same lmao rebel against an evil corrupt dude

  2. FarCry is my fav series tysm

  3. hang on – this actually looks good. Only one I played was FC3 remastered, none of the others interested me. This does tho.

  4. How can I use these trailers in my YT videos??


  6. I got a 15sec ad for Far Cry 6 before I was able to watch this 4min ad for Far Cry 6.

  7. Gusavo Fring and bombs doesnt go well together

  8. Another piece of crap everyone's going to buy. Same shit, different looks. You must be proud to recycle this. Better recycle your plastic

  9. Gorgeous but, getting annoyed at this trend with CG trailers. Again, it's well done, it's beautiful and the acting is amazing. Give us game-play.

  10. I am El Presidente…a little generic, but ok.

  11. What's the last word he says in the trailer? Blow it? Brew it? Brew what 😆

    Other than that, I'm impressed on the relevance of the trailer to modern day problems.

  12. I guess this will possibly be the first Far Cry game I ever play. No reason why I never have other than I just never think about them or got really intrigued by the story. THIS was intense WOW!!!

  13. Can't wait to go through those crazy trademarked hallucinations.

  14. Can't wait to rescue the local celebrity animal.

  15. I am still playing the 3rd one lol

  16. So… this is why Gustavo fled Chile?

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