Fantasian is a gorgeous adventure RPG out now on Apple Arcade

Mistwalker Corp’s adventure RPG, Fantasian has finally arrived on Apple Arcade. Created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man behind the famous game, Final Fantasy. It features 150 handmade dioramas with beautifully rendered 3d characters.

The story is about mankind being destroyed by a mechanical infection. You will be playing the role of the protagonist Leo, who has lost all his memories and finds himself stuck in a strange land. Help Leo to regain his memories and unravel the mystery of the infection at the same time.

Fantasian looks to bring new game mechanics to the usual JRPG formula. It has introduced “Dimengeon Battle”, a new mechanic which lets you send previously encountered enemies into a separate dimensional dungeon. The developers believe that this would allow the players to roam and freely discover the places without being interrupted by the same enemies.

The game’s graphics are gorgeous, which may not be surprising since they’ve been designed by people who worked on titles like Godzilla films, Attack on Titan, and Ultraman. The art is handmade by the designers and brought to life in the game.

Collect various memories, journal entries, and notes to uncover the whole story. The game uses these collectables as a way to tell the story. The developers hope this immersive experience which makes the player eager to learn more. 

Lastly, the soundtrack of the game is composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who is also behind the popular tracks of the Final Fantasy series, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Enjoy the beautiful composition of tunes with those hand-drawn pieces of art and moving character themes.

Fantasian is now available on iOS App Store via Apple Arcade. It’s a premium subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of exclusive games on iOS.

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