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  1. The Expanse RTS!

    Wooh! As a lifelong RTS fan this looks amazing.

  2. Sacrifice for the almighty algorithm

  3. Last time I was this early Mace Windu still had both his hands!

  4. hope this will have mod support.

  5. Looks straight fire!, hopefully it plays as good

  6. Holy shit that looks awesome!

  7. Looks cool.

    Nitpick: The character portraits in the ships during battle are a little off to me. Like is it me or are almost all the faces very attractive but at the same time very generic because there aren't really any unique features/outfits? It ends up looking like a face model catalogue that the photographer of a fashion label would go through to pick their next model for a shoot or something.

    If the game is set in the future where people are already born genetically enhanced (via crispr or other technologies) and as such are simply more attractive then I guess that makes sense? At the same time, will I be able to differentiate them by looking at these portraits? Am I even supposed to care about them?

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