Expert tips for battling your champions in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Move, or attack?

When in battle you can move and attack – obvious, eh – but you can get in more of the actions you want if you’re conservative about it.

For example, yes, you can start your turn by moving towards the exit or towards an enemy, but if you are able to use an attack or ability without moving, you’ll be able to make a second move after.

Likewise, if you no attacks or abilities you wish to use, you can move twice instead of once, covering much more distance.

On overwatch

Your ranged champions are great in battle since they can hang back, but sometimes it might be a better idea to not have them attack anyone at all.

Your ranged champions, if they do not attack on their turn, will unleash a surprise attack on enemies that wander into their range. This surprise shot can be used to easily defeat some opponents without you ever having to even attack.

Keeping one or two ranged combatants back and ready to pick off spawning enemies is always a good idea.

Champion abilities

Each champion in Warhammer: Silver Tower has their own unique ability to use in battle, and these vary wildly.

Some might be more simple buff or debuffs for yourself or enemies, while arguably the more useful abilities are those which do big damage to your opponents with very little concern.

Abilities usually take at least two to three turns just to become active, and once your move is ready you should be careful not to waste it!

A swift exit

Once you’ve done with most stages, your goal will be to escape to the exit, and I have to admit, the first time I got this goal I went the wrong way.

Just to save you from making my mistakes, check the map for the exit icon – it almost looks like a small target – you’ll usually clear a stage as long as you get your whole team into the exit area.

A lot of stages ask you to go in, defeat a certain number of enemies, and then head to the exit, so it might be best to double check where exits are in a stage before you even get started.

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