Evil Hunter Tycoon, a promising town management sim, passes 500,000 pre-registrations ahead of its launch on March 24th

Evil Hunter Tycoon is a promising town management sim that pulls from the RPG genre and more casual titles to offer an experience that has already drawn in over 500,000 pre-registered players. This one hails from publisher SuperPlanet and developer Retro Arts, and it’s heading straight for iOS and Android on March 24th.

Your town has recently been destroyed by the all-powerful Dark Lord, a problem that you, the town’s new chief, seek to remedy by drawing from your extensive managerial experience and every resource available to you.

And this isn’t just any old town; no, this is a cosy little place inhabited almost exclusively by hunters. Hunters may be a tough bunch, but they still need places to rest, buy food, and upgrade their gear.

As you progress, you may wish to expand your town by bringing in fresh recruits and building additional facilities to support the townsfolk. Extra money can be earned by providing special utilities and selling items to the hunters. It’s an easy-to-learn economy that should appeal to those unfamiliar with the genre.

Its cute pixel art aesthetic and tone are also major draws, and the amount of control you have over your town and its inhabitants is super appealing. You’ll be able to upgrade them via the academy and tailor their unique build to your heart’s content.

There are also co-op boss raids and PvP arena battles to get stuck into.
Evil Hunter Tycoon is set to launch for iOS and Android on March 24th. You’ll find it available for pre-registration right now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’ll be playable at launch in 140 countries with support for 13 languages.

It seems like there’s a lot to like with this one, and 500,000 pre-registered users for an indie-developed title is nothing to scoff at.
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