Evil Dead: The Game – Official Launch Trailer

Get ready to team up with Ash Williams and his crew in the fight against the Kandarian demon in Evil Dead: The Game, available now on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Watch the bloody launch trailer to see deadites and more from this co-op PvP and PvE multiplayer action game.

The game will also be released at a later date on Nintendo Switch.

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  1. This game needs a Buffy Cross over. Bruce Cambel and Sara Mchelle kicking deadite ass together?!?! Hell Ya!

  2. Lmao everyone in the comments complaining about multi-player, sorry guys it's time to socialize. Friendless fucks

  3. Whats with the trashy rap crap music?

  4. Game is about Evil Dead
    Trailer has the most obnoxious, normie rap that it in no way fits the game
    Why do you dipshit game devs always do this with your launch trailers? It's not that hard…

  5. Error 404 page not found.

  6. Shame it was multiplayer…

  7. If they had concentrated on a single player game with a good story campaign and maybe a few multiplayer modes this could've been awesome. But instead they chose to just cash in and make yet another game centered around multiplayer that will die in a month or 2.

  8. Damn that music does not fit with this game lol

  9. Idk it’s just me but hip hop music doesn’t go with a lot of games and movies like Rock music does

  10. Wish it wasn’t multiplayer personally.

  11. Could that trailer song be any more obnoxious?

  12. This looks kinda cool. What is it? Horde mode or more like left for dead?

  13. whyy the fuck is this not on steam are you stupid?

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