Card stack

The main way of attacking in Hero Cantare is by selecting character card at the bottom of the screen, and combining them. You can use a single solo card, but that’s not such a great idea.

The basic rule is that more cards stacked together, the more powerful the attacks you can deal out will be. You will be limited to a maximum stack of three at first, and further limited to how many combinations you can, um, combine, in a single turn.

But you’ll quickly be able to experiment with even more attacks and abilities. It might be better for you to use a single card in some situations, but in general, stick to the bigger combinations, if possible.

Skill stack

If you press the Skill button in the top right corner, or before you enter battle, you will be able to see exactly what attacks you will create when you combine cards each turn.

You can choose which skills are best to use given your situation – you’ll often find wider-hitting AoE type attacks will be more useful.

If you’re going to be battling using Auto mode, the Skill menu also allows you turn off certain skills which are less useful, forcing your characters to either be more conservative or more hostile.


Relics will also pop up in your inventory alongside your cards as you progress through the game, and Relics will be very helpful in taking down the most difficult opponents.

You should honestly hold on to your relics if possible, and avoid using them. They have powerful effects, including the ability to wipe enemies off the map instantly, so they’re best saved for when you’re in trouble.

Save up those Relics for the fights where you have already lost once, so you know that using them won’t be a waste.

Important upgrades

The fact is, the experience you get from killing monsters isn’t enough. It’s just not, and you’ll realise that pretty quickly, when your heroes are still all only level 1 from multiple fights.

You will need to jump into the Hero menu and level up heroes manually with gold and other materials.

This isn’t difficult or anything, but you should be conservative when spending level up materials, especially when it comes to upgrades. Upgrading is necessary to continue levelling your character past certain thresholds, and if you don’t have the materials for the upgrade, you’ll be lamenting it.

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