How do you feel right now?

You will notice that the style of each puzzle, each you turn, changes depending on the emotions of your character.

Serene forests give way to depressing, mouldy city alleys. And you can slightly influence the mood of your character by choosing your text message replies wisely.

Always scroll through the replies first, and carefully pick which you would like to respond to your lover with.

Turn the page

The main mechanic in this game is folding over each page in order to access the finish. Each page has a reverse side, with platforms, obstacles, and items.

Your way forward will always be found on the other side, so to start, flip the page over to understand what you’re working with.

Now that you’ve seen what’s on the other side, you should hopefully have an inclination of what you need to do. It’s most simple when connecting slopes to change your elevation.

I’m on the edge

When looking on the other page it can be difficult to parse what is immediately important and what isn’t. To begin, focus on what is on the same elevation as you – can you make a bridge to walk across?

Then check for items on the edge of the page. The ones on the edge are mostly likely to be used to connect bridges.

If none of that helps, then perhaps consider double-folding the pages. If there’s a gap between a platform and the edge of the page, you can remove that gap in a double-fold.

Law of physics

And finally, you should be aware of the laws of physics. Eventually you’ll be able to push, pull, and climb boxes to progress through the stage.

Once boxes are involved, you’ll also be folding pages from all four angles. If you fold something down from the top, once the page is folded, it abides by the gravity of the page you’re on. In other words, it can drop from one platform, to another below. And so can your character.

This is the final piece of the puzzle: once you are able to complete this task, you’ll be able to figure out anything.

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