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Overwatch 2 – Official Bastion Rework Trailer

The Overwatch development teams reveals the Overwatch 2 Bastion rework. Watch the trailer to see …


  1. Stay away from this p2w garbage

  2. where are the stutters?

  3. Can't wait to see this at night with lights and flares and NVGs

  4. Haven't played it but I have seen streamers play it and it's not for me. Slow and a bit boring for me.

  5. Bad trailer for this game. Makes it look so generic.

  6. Is this now for consoles?

  7. Didn't even finish the trailer. 50 seconds of walking in a lifeless city followed by another 50 seconds of hip firing at think air……….. Not for me

  8. Watched this hoping it was coming to console

  9. Cod plays are hate this game

  10. Give us the uncensoreD version for PC

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