Don’t go over the speed limit

Let’s get the dangerous stuff out of the way first. Just like when driving in real life, it’s always good to stay right around the speed limit of the area. Yes, you have to be a good lad or las when driving in a video game. Or, you can be wild and drive above the speed limit. If you want to, then feel free.

Oops, now the police are on your tail. So much for living free, huh? Yup, by going over the limit, the cops will be chasing you just like in Grand Theft Auto, minus the stars. Well, you put yourself in this situation, so how do you get out of it? Why, by driving faster of course.

Put the pedal to the metal and leave those flashing lights in the dust. No one can stop you now. Or you could’ve just been a law-abiding citizen at stay around the speed limit. But, if you do decide to get wild, then be ready to dodge the cops. But I guess you can say that’s part of the fun, right?

Gain some kilometres

Driving and getting your kilometers (or miles) racked up is a rewarding experience. It’s cool because it’s pretty easy to build them up. And when you do, you’ll unlock new areas to explore. That’s right, there’s no hidden challenges or missions.

Just keep driving and don’t crash. Of course, it doesn’t take two seconds to reel in a ton of kilometers, but by not overthinking it, you’ll build up quite a bit. It’s like when you want the time to go by faster at school or work so you can go home. The more you stare at the clock, the slower things will go, but if you ignore it, it will be a blur.

You have a few different places you can earn. Each one has its own theme. You have the desert location, snowy area, and the city. The big city will take the longest to unlock but it looks cool when you get it, especially at night, under the lights. But you’ll get them. All you need to do is drive.

Get some new cars

Aside from new locations, what’s a car game without some sweet new cars to unlock? There are plenty to get, with the unofficial Bugatti being the Holy Grail of cars in Driving Zone 2. In order to get some new whips, you need to earn points in the game. 

You receive points by doing certain moves. These may include near-misses, avoiding the police, and other things. It seems like points just pop up by accident. They are shown briefly as you drive, and then next thing you know, you see that you have hundreds of them. 

One of the cool things about your cars is how deep the customization is for them. You can change the color of the body, windows, wheels, and can provide tuning to give your ride a nice speed boost. You can even adjust the car’s safety features too. So, not only will you unlock some cool cars, you’ll be able to personalize them to your heart’s desire too. 




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