#DRIVE: Tips to help you hit the open road in this endless journey

Avoid traffic

Ah yes, since this is essentially a driving simulation, you need to deal with traffic. The roads are fairly tight, so you need to navigate carefully to avoid hitting other cars. Sensitivity in the game is noticeable, as seemingly one bump into a car will end your run. 

So, no, this isn’t like Burnout or Dangerous Driving where you destroy cars in your path like it’s going out of style (sorry, guys). Practice your steering ability and avoid others. Perfect this, and your road trip will be much more enjoyable. 

You are going faster than most of the other cars too, so remember this also. Think fast and swerve out of harm’s way. Who knows; once you get the hang of it, you may find it fun to weave in and out of traffic. Go ahead and play with the streets, road warrior. 

Get some gas

This is a very important part of your trip. There’s a gas meter that’s shown at the bottom of your screen. It goes down the more your accelerate your car. It actually whittles down at a fair rate too so it’s critical that you keep a close eye on it while you pay attention to the road. 

There are gas stations that’ll pop up occasionally so take advantage. All you need to do is turn into the station and drive through it and you’re all set and filled up. to play it safe, I would almost say stop at every gas station you see because although they come up a fair amount, they aren’t on every block, unfortunately. 

There are usually symbols that come up on the street that tell you that a station is coming up. This is great, especially considering you’re constantly moving and you cant turn around. If not for these symbols, you might easily drive right past one. So, as always, just keep those eyes peeled and get gassed up. 

Use the brakes when needed

One thing that’s pretty good to practice is braking. In an endless runner like #DRIVE, you zoom past things in a heartbeat and miss certain opportunities. By applying the brakes at certain times, you may just be able to catch those things. 

Gas stations are one of the things where this works out great. And if you’re a little damaged, there are mechanics that are around too, so braking will give you enough time to pull into to these locations and take care of your car. 

Heck, you can pull up to the donut shop and get yourself a delicious treat. You’ve driven for a while so why not treat yourself? Just try not to drool like Homer Simpson, alright? We don’t want to damage those car seats. But all kidding aside, braking is an excellent way to balance your pace, much like in real-world driving. 

Watch out for the cops

Unbelievable. Just when you thought you were safe, the cops on your tail. What luck, right? The police will usually show up at random times. They might catch you speeding, or perhaps you did a tiny bump on a car, then they’ll come after you. 

Since they can’t pull you over because they realize that this is an endless runner world, they decide to go with the alternative. And that’s to ram you until you’re wrecked, of course. Fortunately, they get off your tail fairly carefully if you keep rolling. 

Just try not to slow down by applying the brakes. Keep going at your pace until the 5-0 is history. And then, try to avoid them again as best you can. But don’t worry, they don’t show up all of the time. Just be careful out there, and you won’t see the sirens flashing behind you. 


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