Drive as Master Chief or Escharum from Halo Infinite on the Waze App

Halo Infinite will be launching on Xbox consoles later this year. The game may be launching on console and PC only, but mobile users now have a little something to rejoice about, so long as they can drive, that is.

What am I talking about? Well, it’s your chance to drive same your favourite Halo characters like the Master Chief and the UNSC, or the Banished. This is possible with the launch navigation software app Waze’s “Halo Co-Pilot”.

You may be using the same car, but you’ll be transported 500 years into the future for a battle that determines the fate of the entire galaxy. The navigation company Waze has teamed up with Xbox and 343 Industries to bring the Halo universe experience to you while you casually drive your car.

It may not be a mobile game, but hey, you’re saving the galaxy (and yourself) from traffic! That’s arguably quite the evil all of us face on a day-to-day basis.

Whether is an interstellar alliance or traffic during rush hour, the UNSC and Master Chief will prove victorious no matter what. What less could you expect when a soldier who has dismantled the Covenant, battled the Banished and turned the tide on the Flood is on your side? With John-117 and the all-terrain Warthog, you know you’ll be on time for your date. Plus, the Warthog is a good flex.

None of the above matters if you are a bad boy. For the rebels out there, you can have the Banished war chief, Escharum. He will lead your Ghost into unknown territories and ensure that you arrive safely and quickly as your destination, no matter what the cost.

Log in your coordinates, pick your companion and save the galaxy with your choice of voice in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese, and Moods and Cars. On the Waze app, click on “My Waze” and select the Halo Banner to activate Halo Co-Pilot for a limited time.

This collaboration also celebrates the franchise’s 20th anniversary, and you can access it from Waze’s official website as well.

You can currently play The Master Chief Collection on Xbox Game Pass, check out our list of all the games on the service you can enjoy with touch screen controls.

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