Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Official PS4 and Xbox One Trailer

Capcom has announced that the remastered game is coming out October 3.

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  1. Can we play the 360 version on Xbox One

  2. For anyone that is in doubt whether or not to buy this, just buy it and thank me later.

  3. What a great game. Story was dumb as crap though. And I hate the pawn system; I get you couldn't be arsed to write NPC personalities, but I'd rather have a lifeless character than what is explicitly a human shaped object that fights for you. But combat is fantastic, RPG elements are fantastic, and, for its time, graphics were pretty good.

  4. Seriously one of the most underrated games from last gen, I'll definitely buy it again if it might mean we get a real sequel

  5. This should of been out for xb1 and ps4 😒

  6. I missed the so much😭😭😭

  7. I just want the wind to push me again 🙁

  8. Well this is interesting, I bought a digital version at a bargain on PS3 15/07/2017 and I see this 5th anniversary trailer. I'm sure it looks better on PS4 but still the gameplay is probably the same. This feels like Dark Souls with squad base mechanics like Mass Effect somewhat. Played through it during this week and I'm enjoying the adventure as The Arisen so far. 👌

  9. so seeing how they ported this to next generation consoles where is my next gen port of Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning?

  10. Where's Dragon's Dogma 2?

  11. Pretty good game, never beat it but I will now.

  12. I'm very nostalgic about this game

  13. I'm getting this even tho I've played it

  14. Hey capcom how about you give me Dragons Dogma online i have no problem with throwing money at you 4 that game

  15. Its about time. Pls no microtransactions

  16. This is one of my favorite RPG
    It's so much fun

  17. Time to sharpen my daggers and bow, and get me some goblin booty.

    And marry the innkeeper…

  18. I dont know why but it looks dated

  19. Instead of these remakes give me the mmo it's fun.

  20. please god let there be 60fps and the japanese audio.

  21. Dark souls 3 e agora mais um motivo para comprar ps4.. quero a versao online

  22. One of the best from last gen! Where Dragons Dogma 2 Capcom!

  23. I thought there would be a graphical upgrade. looks like the same game. I already have this game on steam. hopefully they do a hd remaster and make it a free update on steam.

  24. How about a sequel damnit?

  25. I just wish they add a lot more dialogue for our character, not just "huh?!" or.. "ah!" or… "ugh!"… Because instead of badass, I feel like my character is an introvert new student, he/she's a badass when he/she doesn't talk at all. 🙁

  26. I never had the chance to play this game on last gen; I played the demo, but my old XB360 red ringed on me. Now I have a PS4, and I definitely wanna add this as a game to play.

  27. This is in my top five favorite games ever. The combat, music, the wind blowing through the trees, even the sounds made while scrolling through menus is just awesome. I will gladly buy this again for ps4

  28. I remember buying and hating this game.

    I wanted to love it and the combat was great but too often id take a quest that was my level and run into some almost instant death fight on the road to reach said quest.

    It was like the designers didn't understand where to put quests to improve level layout.

  29. Best game ever created…. Period

  30. why is this not the sequel announcement

  31. 5th anniversary to a game that Capcom effectively killed with no sign of a definitive sequel in sight. I'm already too hyped for Monster Hunter World to spend another 100+ hours on this game again. Its a shame that Capcom actually a game with a combat system that put Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age and Dark Souls to shame in a amazingly well done character creation western RPG like this one… If only they fix the damn Pawn A.I..

  32. Looks like another duplicate game I'm going to be buying again just like Skyrim 3 copies later 🤣🤣

  33. played the demos on ps3 but never bought it due to the issues with the game according to reviews

  34. My most anticipated game this year yet I beat it 100 times already. I can't fucking wait for this. Everyone will be playing trash like Destiny 2 and Battlefront 2 while im playing this masterpiece. I love dragons dogma, cant wait for part 2

  35. man at e3 2017 i was so dissapointed because i was watching the monster hunter world trailer and i thought it was a new dragons dogma game

  36. Should've made a sequel, not a remaster.

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