Dragon Quest Tact is set to have a closed beta in Japan with sign-ups live now

We first covered Dragon Quest Tact around a week ago, when it was revealed that a grid-based, tactical mobile spin-off would be releasing for iOS and Android in Japan later this year. Since then, they’ve announced there will be a closed beta. This news was spotted by Gematsu.

Sign-ups will be available between now and February 25th and you can apply for a chance to be in this beta on the game’s official site if you’re based in Japan. It will be an even split for both iOS and Android with 10,000 spaces available for each platform.

The beta test itself will then run from 27th February to 5th March. In terms of device specifications, the Dragon Quest Tact website says you’ll need an iPhone 6S or later or an Android 5.0 device or later. So, it will run on a fairly old device, essentially.

We’ve also had our first glimpse of some gameplay, which can be seen in the trailer above. There’s some grid-based action on display as well as a brief showcase at the end of what appears to be the various units you’ll be able to acquire throughout the game. And there’s certainly a lot of them, which implies there’ll be gacha elements, though that’s purely speculation, of course.
Dragon Quest Tact isn’t the only upcoming spin-off that Square Enix is publishing either. There’s also the recently announced Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, which we’re set to learn more about after mid-February, so we can expect that info soon.

Dragon Quest Tact will release at some stage during 2020 in Japan following this upcoming closed beta. There’s no word on a Western release and fans of the series are sceptical this will happen as several mobile Dragon Quest mobile games have missed out on an English localisation in the past.
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