DOOM Eternal – Horde Mode Official Trailer

Doom Eternal’s 6.66 update is available today, bringing the new arcade-style Horde Mode, a refined Battlemode 2.0 experience, two new Master Levels, and more.

Prove your mettle and compete against other players to climb seasonal leaderboards in the Horde Mode, where you start off with all perks, runes, and upgrades and arm yourself with only a mastered Combat Shotgun. Defeat waves of demons to unlock additional guns and fight through three challenge-packed levels, and more

The refined Battlemode, the 2v1 competitive multiplayer mode that pits two player-controlled demons against one fully-kitted DOOM Slayer, features an all-new streak-based Ranking System with rewards and matchmaking, leaderboards, a new Arena: Stronghold, and the new Dread Knight playable demon.

Doom Eternal’s Update 6.66 is available today for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.


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  1. This should be Co Op… Horde Mode is just playing the game right now.

  2. And yet there’s still gonna be people unsatisfied 😪

  3. More Doom is always welcome, because it is eternal

  4. Add co op to horde mode and we are there (by we I mean all of us who haven't gotten the game yet)

  5. Hollllyyy shiiiiit…. Let's fucking ROCK!!!!!

  6. Just give us death matches again and we have a 12/10 game on our hands

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