Dirt 5 – Official Red Bull Revolution Update Launch Trailer

Dirt 5’s free Red Bull Revolution update is available now and brings 8 new Red Bull liveries, ghost lap times, Red Bull arch in Playgrounds, and wet and stormy weather for Playgrounds. Additionally, cross-platform matchmaking is also available.

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  1. Hopefully includes more bug fixes, That would be poggers. I dont wanna fall of the world anymore

  2. This game got old real quick. I liked DIRT when it was called COLLIN McRAE RALLY and actually simulated real rally with lengthy brutal stages where you had to manage vehicle reliability/damage through the course of multiple stages (like really rally) in real world rally championship-like full seasons or full simulated hill climbs like Pikes Peak, etc. This current "Dirt" game seems to be "pick a class of vehicle (and there's a good selection of great looking ones) and take around the same basic tight repetitive loop with different textures for a few laps, then repeat 1000 times by pressing the next colored square on the screen to the right" – booorrrrrrinnnnng. I understand you are appealing to younger, short-attention-span mass market but come on Codemasters – you used to put out some decent racing games back in the day. Youtube some real Group B rally chaos clips for example. (and no the official WRC-licensed games don't even compare to rally games from the turn of the century though have become more and more impressive with last 2 releases)

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