Detroit: Become Human Paris Games Week 2017 Trailer

Quantric Dream’s cinematic experience highlight the consequences of hard decisions.

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  1. What is the name of the music track used in this track?

  2. I just saw a video where some people were saying the game should be pulled altogether because it includes this segment. Those people are wrong, and I firmly support the team making this game. It does not, in any way, trivialise domestic violence, and the idea that real life abusers will get off on this is pointless. The real problem is not the fictional characters on the screen, and those who claim to fight DV should remember that.

  3. The background music is so good. Where can I find it? :O

  4. looks f*cking amazing and awesome

  5. only need a multiplayer and loot boxes, right?

  6. If they're spoiling something like THIS… then they're claiming there are far more (and better) scenes to discover and alter.

  7. Hopefully this won’t be sweet hideous horseshit like beyond two souls was. Decent controls would be nice rather than the clunky system they’ve used in the past

  8. Every David Cage game is terrible. I see no reason to expect this to be any different.

  9. well, damn, that was dark……..I like it

  10. Microsoft hasn't got a chance

  11. Too bad I'm poor enough to afford a ps4

  12. So in the future we build robots able to do house work, babysit, look and act almost exactly human. But we don't give them the ability to to call 911 in an emergency? Or monitor obvious mental issues?
    You didn't even dress her up like 2B David! What the Fuck!

  13. thanks for the spoilers. no need to play the game now i guess.

  14. Is it me or the house looks extremely similar to the house from War of the Worlds? The initial house were Tom Cruise's character lived. Even the inside seems familiar.. Maybe is that same Chicago looks…

  15. WTF? They reused Ethan's crappy house from Heavy Rain for this video. I hope they explain this, because it'd be pretty shitty if they're just reusing assets from older games!

  16. gonna play heavy rain again before this sh*t comes out ^^. Can't wait !

  17. Yea I agree, way to many spoilers in this one. I think they should have showed a scene with options and… what would you choose? Keep it simple…

  18. so its like heavy rain but with different story.. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!

  19. Does anybody know the name of the music which plays on background? Nice spoiler btw.

  20. Thanks for the the spoiler Sony!!

  21. Wait… is it possible to side with the dad and become a female "Jared" bot?

  22. Wow talk about spoilers

  23. This is DAY ONE BUY. I can't wait. I could play it morning until night for weeks. Beautiful idea and looks wonderfully executed !!!

  24. How that fatass has enough money to buy (or hire) a modern cyborg to do the stuff in the house?

  25. I think I might get this game now.

  26. well at least the rule34 section will be nice.

  27. Gee I wish I didn't watch it….I mean it looks fricking awesome but the spoilers….arghh

  28. Omfg her name's Kara.

    If you remember one of the amazing tech demos Quantic Dream has done you know why it's a big deal.

  29. Sony is f@&$&@ killing it! Look for Bloodborne 2, Dreams, Wild etc. to come at PSX. We still have Ni No Kuni 2 coming this year too and the Frozen Wilds. And next year is gonna be absurd!!!!

  30. I dont care about anything now other than saving Kara and the girl… 🙁

  31. So just copy the show humans

  32. That moms spaghetti texture tho.

  33. ah yes white guy is the bad guy

  34. this look very interesting

  35. i repeat, sony is killing it.

  36. For everyone saying they spoiled it. Bet money this whole scenario will be a demo or early buy dlc.

  37. I'm so excited for this game! It looks so good.

  38. YES! We finally get some footage of Kara in action!

  39. thing about movies is, no one wants them to be 12 hours long.

  40. Cage might have serious problems in storytelling, but he can make some amazing individual scenes.

  41. this looks awful, fuck david cage

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