Death Trash – Gameplay Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Get a look at Death Trash, an action-RPG showcased during Guerrilla Collective Day 2. “Death Trash features a post-apocalyptic world where cosmic horrors long for humanity but meet punks with shotguns. It combines old-school role-playing, modern action gameplay and player freedom. Create your own character and explore a handcrafted world.”



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  1. censored version is vegan

  2. Well….this looks darker than last time it was shown off

  3. damn, isometric games give me headache, pixel graphics look very cool.

  4. Been really looking forward to this title. Always thought the theme was killer.

  5. Ale gowno, widac byle co to teraz recepta na sukces, polaczki kupia.

  6. yep, it is trash thats for sure

  7. Looks legit is it coming to switch?

  8. Give us the uncensored version foR PC

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