Dead by Daylight x Ringu – Official Teaser Trailer

Dead by Daylight’s next horror collaboration is with the Japanese icon Ringu. You’ll wait longer than seven days as the Ringu collaboration will arrive in March 2022.

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  1. NOT Samara. Sadako. The original.


  2. Ringu is the superior movie anyways

  3. If Sumara is going to be in this game…. I want Kayako in here, RIGHT NOW.

  4. Dayumm this game still getting a lot of content

  5. I remember playing the ungodly nightmare called Ring: Terror’s Realm on the Dreamcast

  6. I didn’t know there was a “The ring movie” the original version I mean I knew the movie existed but, other country like Asia or Japan movie I didn’t know it exist

  7. This is an abusive relationship at this point. Why do you do this to me.

  8. Fuck off why do you have to bring me back like this I hate you so much

  9. Literally just watched Sadako vs Kayako and this drops.

  10. Ringu (not the ring) this could be fun.

  11. Oh that’s going to be sick. Have Sumara in game will be crazy. I wonder what her abilities are going to be.

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