D&D: Dark Alliance – Gameplay Explainer Trailer

The team behind Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance give you an overview of its gameplay mechanics, narrated by Jemaine Clement.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, developed by Tuque Games, will release on June 22, 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.


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  1. The Narrator reminds me of Gordon Ramsay, more tender version though :p

  2. Jemaine Clement as Volo plz.

  3. Looks like the combat is lame. Animation doesnt look satisfying. At this point if you arent giving me satisfying combat and animation its automatic skip. I do love Jermaine Clement tho, great narrator choice

  4. Glad to see they removed the excessive camera shake.

  5. Yes, it's Jemaine Clement

  6. Is that Jemaine Clement?

  7. Give us the uncensored version for PC

  8. I'll be shocked if this beat out Neverwinter in player count

  9. This narrator is the shit. I was legit hoping this was his youtube channel and he did voiceover narration for all kinds of different game trailors.

  10. Sad games need to say there's no microtransactions

  11. I'm not interested so much in the game itself (I prefer single-player games), but the commentator's presentation is Awesome++.

  12. Awful. No enthusiasm from this cheeky voice either.

  13. Narrator on point. Stoked for this, old ps2 dark alliance games were some of my favorites.

  14. Where I come from, we call this: meeeh

  15. I remember when D&D had a degree of gravitas, reverence and danger to it. Now it's the same post-modern, jokey and irreverent gruel as the rest of pop culture. It makes me sad.

  16. look, it's a videogame!!!! I missed those

  17. Not going to lie, this trailer really sold me.

  18. Any chance VO guy is a DM? May I join your group, mate?

  19. >You might need to take a sweater

    Get it? Because it is ICEwind dale. Gosh this fucking MCU generation…

  20. Is this D&D Warriors? I'm sold either way, looks like a blast.

    Also would be sweet if Victor Bevine could voice literally everything.

  21. Best commentator !! Im sold!

  22. can you have 4 wulfgar or not? no one knows

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