DC Heroes & Villains lets you save the world from extinction alongside iconic DC characters, coming soon to mobile with pre-registration now open

Fans of DC Comics, rejoice! Ludia, a Jam City studio, has announced a brand new puzzle RPG titled DC Heroes & Villains, and it’s landing on mobile devices in early 2022. First revealed at DC’s FanDome event, the officially licensed mobile game features iconic DC characters from Batman to Harley Quinn, and it’s now open for pre-registration.

DC Heroes & Villains is a colourful match-3 puzzle RPG that features an original narrative, taking players through fan-fave locations to fight against extinction. Players will have to use their might and mettle to create their own superpowered team, and battle alongside the forces of both good and evil to survive.

We are exceptionally proud to announce our newest title, DC Heroes & Villains,” says Alex Thabet, CEO of Ludia. “This game showcases the best of Ludia, with engaging gameplay and innovative technologies that are the hallmark of our award-winning games. We believe this will give DC fans a completely new perspective of the characters, environments and lore they love.”

We couldn’t be more impressed with DC Heroes & Villains, which puts Ludia’s talent and creativity on full display,” says Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and CEO of Jam City. “This will be the first time DC fans can create their own dream teams in a match-3 role playing game, combining both heroes and villains. I’m confident fans will be blown away with what they can do in the game.”

DC Heroes & Villains features exhilarating single-player matches as well as team battles with guildmates to take down formidable bosses. It will also keep your adrenaline pumping with everything from PvP battles to Guild Raids for epic rewards and for the ultimate glory. If you’re eager to get a headstart, you can now pre-register for the game on the official website to score cool in-game bonuses upon launch.

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