Dark Souls Remastered: Three solid tips to defend yourself from danger

With a game as challenging as Dark Souls, you will probably die quite a bit. Don’t worry though, as you can learn from those deaths and go back at it again. But, aside from unleashing a flurry of attacks, here are a few defense tips for Dark Souls Remastered to help you in the challenging world of Lordran

Dark Souls Remastered came out a little while ago on the Switch and with this year marking the 10th year anniversary of the challenging and iconic series, it has garnered attention once again. As we just mentioned, the game is known for having one difficulty level that is not always easy to conquer.

It’s also known for its interconnected world which has become a staple in the series. This means that you can freely run back and forth between levels without loading times. It’s pretty similar to an open world in a way but at the same time, quite linear. 

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