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In Da Hoop – Official Reveal Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Here’s the first look at the reveal of In Da Hoop, a hoop-hooting VR game …


  1. Sérieusement c'est quoi cette musique de merde? ça ne va vraiment pas avec la vidéo. Je ne parlerai même pas de l'animation qui est minable. Etant fan de D&D je suis vraiment déçu, j'espère que c'est une version pré-alpha.

  2. As much as I am a fan of D&D, Salvatore's work, and Dark Alliance, I must say this trailer is not making me look forward to the game.

  3. This is embarassing. Someone hacked my computer and found my amv from 2003.

  4. Catti's face is fucked, as well as what is going on with wulfgars hair?..he is not Ragnar

  5. I hope these aren't in game graphics, they look garbage

  6. Somebody green lit this.

  7. If I had to guess this game is gonna play a lot like the original Dark Alliance games. OTT camera angle or some form of 3rd person and pure hack and slash with a pretty linear story. Those are R.A. Salvatore characters Drizzt, Cattie, Breunor, and Wulfgar for anyone wondering. From what I've read it takes place in the Forgotten Realms much like Baldur's Gate did. This one will be in Icewind Dale though. If what the game designers are saying is true, I do not see this playing turn based like a dungeons and dragons table top or a Divinity game. If you like "couch" co-op hack and slash games like the original Dark Alliance or Champions of Norrath games this will probably be a lot like that.

  8. SONG NAME: I Am Above – In Flames

  9. Can't wait fuck the na sayers

  10. That trailer was pretty bad,nothing about it fit.
    I loved DA on the original Xbox,but this trailer made me less excited about it's revival.

  11. To anyone wondering. The song used in this trailer is I am above by In Flames.

  12. DnD Vermintide? who can tell without gameplay, but sure i guess ..could be good, could be awful ..will wait and see

  13. music makes me feel like it's 2009 and my friend is showing me a Naruto AMV he spent a week working on in Windows Movie Maker

  14. So i see drizzt and bruenor! Sold! If its dnd i buy it, shit im the only person who enjoyed sword coast legends

  15. Absolutely hyped for this and Wolf Among Us 2. Total surprise to hear from of a spiritual succesor to a game released for the 6th generation, almost 20 years ago !

  16. This is like is an animation student 'just' found out that you can attach a camera to a specific point on a 3-D model.

  17. this is giving me fucking motion sickness

  18. "We're making a D&D video game! But it won't play at all like D&D, and you won't be able to make your own custom characters like D&D."

  19. So, Dungeons and Dragons as made by Guy Ritchie? I liked Kind Arthur, so why not?

  20. hey its…dritz doodledoo..somthin or other?…i dont know dick all about dnd

  21. Can I get even a second of gameplay on any of these trailers?
    These ARE video games right?

  22. Drizzt! Cattie-Brie! Wulfgar! Bruenor! Looks like the entire 1000 orcs book! Stoked for this! Better get an Artemis and Jarlaxle spot!

  23. Finally an appropriate soundtrack that actually go's with the trailer

  24. Is that Drizzt Do'urden? Shouldn't be surprised he is an insanely popular character in Forgotten Realms.

  25. OMG I'm so happy! I loved this game!

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