Cruis'n Blast – Official Track Showcase Trailer

Watch the latest trailer for Cruis’n Blast for a look at some of the tracks available in the upcoming game including Space Attack, Dino Janeiro, Mountain Mayhem, British Invasion, and Twister Terror.

Cruis’n Blast launches on September 14, 2021, for Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Those wheel offsets are terrible. Why get a widebody if you don't have wide wheels?

  2. I worked a job with the actual cabinet and everything. Why tf would i pay fr this old shite. No graphical upgrades or nun. SAD

  3. This should have came out on N64 lol
    Cruis'n USA was the shit back then

  4. Rich Piana should be a DLC character. The DLC should be called Blast n Cruise

  5. Another day, another mobile looking switch game.

  6. 1) terrible song. 2) no school bus? 3) you NEED TO HAVE SPRITES FOR THR GRAPHICS

  7. Just seeing the font for “Cruis’n” brings back a flood of memories 😭😭

  8. The singer repeating “cruising”

  9. This looks super budget. Doesn’t have the feel of the original at all. I’d much rather have a new Outrun than Cruisin anyhow

  10. My arcade childhood without having to touch that one arcade box with the loose gas pedal

  11. I don't know about this one….

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