Crossy Road Castle: Three things to know about the Great Treehouse level

Plenty of Projectiles

Crossy Road Castle - great treehouse
One thing that makes The Great Treehouse different from other towers in Crossy Road Castle is the traps that are set. Early on, you’ll probably notice some ray guns that fire off laser-like projectiles. On some levels, you can avoid them altogether.

However, sometimes, coins and the hard-to-get tokens might be in the path of shots that are fired. You can take a risk and try and get them if you wish. Just make sure you have some spare lives left in case you die in the heroic effort. On some floors, you won’t be able to avoid the beams at all, so just keep that in mind too.

The Great Treehouse is the only castle that fires the sheer number of projectiles that it does. It makes it both fun and of course, kind of challenging at times. With that being said, it’s not too bad. It has a nice balance of challenge and eases you in, so don’t worry if it sounds intimidating because it really isn’t that bad. Just be aware of what’s happening is all.

Not Many Moving Platforms

A good thing about The Great Treehouse in Crossy Road Castle is that aren’t really any rooms involving moving platforms. These kinds of levels, although fun, can also be a pain if you aren’t careful. This is especially nice since you’re getting attacked by projectiles most of the time.

There are a couple where you might be “on the move” so to speak, but for the most part, each room is pretty grounded…aside from the beams. Those are always on the move, and no, unfortunately, you can’t tell them to sit down as you progress through the room in peace.

But being in rooms where you’re able to move about freely allows you to briefly survey the area. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing as to what to expect in different rooms. However, that’s the beauty of the game, it’s unpredictable. But you’ll be cruising on through just fine once you sort of getting a feel for what the castle throws at you.

Familiar Enemies

You should definitely see some enemies that you recognize in the new level in Crossy Road Castle. This can be a good thing as you have immediate familiarity with their attack patterns. For the most part, though, you’ll be dealing with the turrets that fire the laser-like projectiles.

In fact, in a hilarious twist, you can use these guns to help eliminate enemies that are on the floor. There’s one floor , for example, where you have numerous bird enemies (the ones who try to hit you with their beaks), and then turrets on the left.

The guns are blocked off by a wall. There’s a button that you can hit to open up the wall and let the guns take care of those birdies for you. You may see this on occasion on floors so it’s definitely noteworthy to take advantage of that. See, those turrets aren’t so bad after all, huh (well, they still are but you know)?

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